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Allsaints Luxury Branding

Allsaints Luxury Branding

Allsaints revolutionized the modern high street with a range of sophisticated and effortless essentials inspired by a gritty urban aesthetic.

SUM. was appointed as their brand design and marketing agency and tasked with creating a brand Identity that empowered the brand with a character and personality. Our vision was conveyed through the mission statement, “to create a brand that blends music and fashion into a potent formula of desirable clothing that expresses individuality and attitude”.

Our Solution

Our Solution

SUM. was responsible for all aspects of marketing and brand-creation for Allsaints, from logo and graphical elements, to the end- to-end packaging and experience design as well as digital and social media initiatives.

The award-winning bespoke handwriting font, commissioned by SUM. has proven to be a defining visual element for Allsaints - both online and offline. The aesthetic penetrates through design decisions, social media strategy, store design and e-commerce.

The Outcome

The Outcome

SUM. produced marketing and a brand identity is still hailed as a benchmark. Over time the concept has been redefined and implemented both in the UK and internationally, becoming one of the most recognised retail identities within the fashion retail industry.

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